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Missing rooftop scene in Catching Fire.

new/old pic of Jen at SBIFF 2013

Anonymous said:
Do you have any Jen selfies?

She doesn’t really take many selfies (at least that we have access to). I do know of at least one that was posted on Laura’s Instagram (she removed it because of people posting it) so I won’t post it. If you come of anon, maybe I will send it to you ;)

Anonymous said:
Just let you know. I know for sure Nick isn't dating Riley. She lives with her boyfriend in NY and he was also at the supposed party. She post a picture with him right after the one with Nick. This is the biggest problems with those rumours. They are based on this nonexistent romance between N and R. They are just friends but nobody knows for sure if Joult broke up. They have not be seen for awhile but Jen can hide pretty well so time will tell on that one.

I thought she had a BF, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for telling us what you know!